3. Pilgrimages


Lithuania 2016

This year, walking in a country new to most of us, we found new challenges - language, culture, different kinds of accommodation.

We began and ended at the franciscan centre of Lithuania - the small but delightful, town of Kretinga and en route we were entranced by the enchanting coastal scenery with its special wild life and vegetation, the dawns, the sunsets (and the rain), and were often helped by the locals who were so pleased to discover that we were spending time in their country walking in Pilgrimage - an activity well known in Lithuanian spirituality.

We were able too to be aware of how life is changing fast in Lithuania since the country has become part of the European Union and the NATO and the Euro has been introduced.

We send our thanks to the Dutch team who organised this - not an easy task with such distances and unfamiliar territory. They made many good links with the Franciscans there

Deo Gracias