2. What do we do


We walk together.

Our principle activities are regional, national and international activities.

The international pilgrimage takes place in summer, each year in a different country. In 2014 it was in the Le Puy area (Massif Central) of France, and in 2015 it will be in Britain (York). See Pilgrimages section for more details)

An international pilgrimage means walking for 9 days carrying a rucksack (10 -12 Km a day) with about 20 people of different ages and nationalities. It means living together, eating, sleeping on the ground, praying, singing, laughing and doing all the things, which make up daily life. It means thinking about and discussing together around a given theme. For those unable to walk much or for those with very young children there are usually alternative ways to make the pilgrimage.

Every year at Pentecost the International Chapter takes place. It is a meeting when we stay in the same place for three days. It’s a time of meeting and reunions, and it’s the time when we first discuss the annual theme.

Each country also has its own national events each year.

The National Chapter and Pilgrimage dates vary.

Individual countries also have a programme of weekend or regional meetings which vary from year to year. See For your diary.