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The Way No 197 October 2019

Contents include reports from the recent International Pilgrimage in Germany

and the event held in York

together with articles reflectiong on ’Hope’

You can read the Magazine by downloading it here:-

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October Magazine number 197



The Way

‘The Way’ is the quarterly magazine of the Pilgrims of St Francis in Britain. It is affiliated to the magazines of the Movement in other countries: ‘Ruta’ in Spain, ‘L’Appel de la Route’ in France and Belgium, ‘Feuille de la Route’ in Belgium, ‘Roep Van de Weg’ in Holland, ‘Pa Wag’ in Sweden and ‘Rundbrief’ in Germany. The production and financing of the magazine are the concern of the National Movement. It is assumed that each address at which a pilgrim lives, regardless of age and income, will want to receive a copy. This costs £4 per year.

Every Pilgrim aged 18 or over is expected also to pay an ANNUAL subscription to the Movement of £22 per person. This is split between the National and International funds and helps to maintain the organisation’s infrastructure. (Pilgrims living on VERY limited means who would find this difficult need not pay and should tell the Treasurer at the time their subscription would fall due). Only those paying a full subscription and aged 16 or over are eligible to vote and are covered by our insurance. New comers often pay with their first application to join a pilgrimage. You will receive a reminder about renewing your subscription with the last copy of the magazine that you have paid for.


The number on your address label is that of the last copy of the magazine for which you have paid.

To summarise, subscriptions are:-

1 adult Pilgrim £22

2 adult Pilgrims at the same address £40

3 adult Pilgrims at the same address £58

Address where pilgrims under 18 need to receive their own copy of “The Way’ £ 4

Address where Pilgrims of limited means wish to receive ‘The Way’ only £ 4.

Please make ALL cheques payable to:-

‘The Pilgrims of St Francis’ and send them to:- Margaret Humphries, margaret.humphries@googlemail.com (+44 01202 386883)

If you wish to pay directly to the bank please contact Margaret by e-mail for the bank details

Articles and letters are most gratefully received. They should be sent to:-

Celia Potter, 1 Margaret Street, Derby DE1 3FE. or [sheana@talktalk.net] and should end with the writer’s name and address. (Celia’s Tel. 01332 363425)

International information - www.cdsf.org

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