8 For your diary - dates of future events


National Events in 2018

There will be an Autumn event Sat. 3 - Mon 5 Nov. Ashford


Events in 2019

The International Chapter June 8 - 10 will be held at Mozet in Belgium

The International Pilgrimage will be in Germany 29 July - 7 August in and around Lahnstein (Rheinland-Pfalz)

National Pilgrimage - Republic of Ireland in early summer National Autumn weekend in Derby

More details will be available in January 2019

Please see the section Chapter and Pilgrimage for more details (and the current Magazine) and the websites of other countries for events in their countries.

Please note: The national events are arranged by individual countries; there is no guarantee there will be any opportunity for translation - normally everything is in the language of the host country.