1. Pilgrims of Saint Francis


Who are we ?

The Pilgrims of St Francis, ‘Compagnons de St François’, is an international Christian movement, of Catholic origin, and now ecumenical. It is made up of national movements (with different national names) each of which is independent. The movement is inspired by the gospel of Christ and by the life of St Francis of Assisi and St Clare. It encourages a simple life style, the struggle for justice and peace and the protection and preservation of nature.

A movement which tries to live:


In the steps of Francis of Assisi, - in fellowship - with a love of nature - a taste for adventure - and in simplicity

A movement which offers you:

Pilgrimages (National and International) on foot for around 10 days carrying a rucksack. Sleeping on the floor. Walking with a group of about 20 other people.

A movement made up of:

Summer evening in Germany

People of all ages, nationalities, cultures and different beliefs, who want, together, to reflect on their lives and on the important questions of our society. At the moment the movement exists in 8 countries: Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

Must one be a member in order to participate?

No, anyone interested can walk with the Companions and afterwards, if they want to, becomes a member of the movement by subscribing in their own country. The current subscription is £22 p.a. and that includes the Magazine.

If you wish to subscribe please pay directly to HSBC bank. Sort Code 40 - 08-32 Acc. 01606751. or write a cheque payable to: - ‘The Pilgrims of St Francis’ and send it to: - Margaret Humphries 29 Tytherley Green, Throop, BH8 0PA

If you pay direct to the bank can you inform Margaret:- margaret.humphries@googlemail.com or telephone 01202 064510)