1. Pilgrims of Saint Francis


A short history of the movement

Joseph Folliet and Rene Beaugey founded the movement in France in 1927. They were soon joined by Franz Stock, a young German Priest. The idea was to form a group of young catholic pilgrims for Peace. The pilgrimages brought together young men from France and Germany and in this way the movement, very early on, contributed to Franco-German reconciliation.


The first pilgrimage brought together 20 people but the movement grew very quickly. Over the years pilgrims from other countries came to join the movement. Young women joined the pilgrimages and then whole families with their children. During the 1960’s pilgrims of other denominations came to join the movement.

Now one of the characteristics of the movement and also one of its riches is that of diversity. On our pilgrimages pilgrims of all ages, backgrounds, cultures, and of differing nationalities walk together. The movement has become ecumenical and in that respect it tries to welcome all convictions and includes those amongst us who, without belonging to a church, are trying to live, very simply, a meaningful life.