6. Practical Information



Those booking for a pilgrimage will receive, a few weeks before departure, all the practical details, venue, programme etc. Don’t hesitate to contact the National Guardian for more details. (see contacts page)

What to bring:-

Personal clothes, personal first aid kit & toilet requisites; a sleeping bag; lilo or bed mat (floors can be both cold and hard); suitable walking shoes & rainwear; plate, mug & bowl; water bottle and sun hat; cutlery; tea towel; torch; Bible and pilgrim song books (National song books will be obtainable at the start) any portable musical instrument. All should be packed, for easy carrying, in a rucksack with plastic bags to keep things dry. If you have registered for route with car space please pack things for the car in a soft bag (not a rucksack). Please bring the minimum even if you have asked for help with baggage and please be prepared to carry as much as you can of your daily essentials in a ‘day bag’ - remember the rucksack is a symbol of your commitment to travel light through the world in Franciscan poverty Make sure your rucksack can be adjusted to your body size It should not be too heavy - 8/10 Kilos is enough.

How should it be packed?

Put the least used things at the bottom of the sac, the heaviest at the top, (near to the shoulders). Put awkwardly shaped objects towards the outside edges. Carry as little as possible attached to the outside of the sack because they will swing as you walk and unbalance the load. In the outside pockets of the rucksack put the things you need during the walk.